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Getting Around Baltimore Md Attractions

Baltimore will always have a unique place in American history considering it is the origin of the United States national anthem. For your vacation, touring Baltimore may really turnout to be an eye-opener as you will get to experience an in-depth history and science lesson that will leave you wanting more. There are various museums, monuments, cultural activities, markets and historic sites that you can see and experience first-hand during your visit to Baltimore.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Dubbed ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ fort, it is accredited for its role in the Baltimore battle where it successfully withstood and defended Baltimore from the British fleet saving the harbor from seizure and occupation. This in turn, inspired The Star Spangled Banner poem after the American flag was seen still flying high the following morning. The original flag is in the Museum of American History but there is a replica in the fort’s center for tourists to view. Visitors are also treated to a film of the fort’s history, living demonstrations and re-enactments while touring through the grounds and casemates.

National Aquarium

This is the most popular attraction in Baltimore with the structure itself having an angular and glass pyramid top overlooking Piers 3 and 4. This iconic landmark exhibits aquatic life that features a dolphin show, tarantulas, an open ocean shark tank and numerous other exotic species located in the Atlantic Coral Reef section that will for sure mesmerize you. The one of particular interest to check out is the Tropical Rain Forest walk-through; a complete and self-sustaining environment elevated five stories high allowing creatures to roam freely. Visitors get to tour from the forest bottom floor to the treetop while viewing and taking pictures of birds, monkeys, and glass enclosed exhibits of amphibians and reptiles.

Inner Harbor

This is a top tourist sightseeing hub with an array of attractions and popular activities to do surrounding it. Actually, visitors can spend days touring this place alone. It features a planetarium and observatory offering the best spot to view the city skyline. It also highlights a collection of anchored historic vessels all of which are open to tourists. It has the USS Constellation; a warship that actually saw action during the Civil War as well as the USS Torsk and the Lightship Chesapeake.

Some of these attractions cannot really be appreciated if you are not there seeing them up close and personal. Baltimore has a charm and quirk to it that will definitely appeal to you and will have you telling stories for days when you leave. Consider visiting the mentioned attractions.