Good Apartments In Fells Point MD

Living in Fells Point is special. You are near the water and some of the best spots in Baltimore, but how easy is it to find a good apartment in the area? Luckily good apartments in Fells Point MD are open and ready to be rented.

The prices in Fells Point are more reasonable than you might expect. You can find a nice apartment starting at around $1100 with the most exclusive apartments hitting prices over $3000. Approximately 200 apartments are available in Fells Point on any given day, with about 60% of those being priced between $1000 to $2000. This price range makes them competitive with most other areas around Baltimore.

As you are probably already guessing, the closer you get to the waterfront, the higher the price climb. If you are trying to keep your budget under control, look for your apartments towards the northern edges of Fells Point. If money is not a big concern, you can find apartments closer to the waterfront starting around $1400 and up.

Features For The Money

Sometimes the features become more important than moving a block closer to the water. Letâ??s take a look at a few examples apartments in Fells Point MD to give you an idea.

North Fells Point â?? For this example, we went as far north in Fells Point as possible to find a lower cost apartment. This unit costs $1100 per month and offers a single bedroom and one bathroom. The size is reasonable with 800 square feet of move around the space. The apartment features wood floors in most living areas, with a tile floor in the kitchen and bathroom. A few other features include:

â?¢ Gated Entry
â?¢ On-Premises Laundry
â?¢ Street Parking
â?¢ Utilities Included

Middle of Fells Point â?? We went about halfway towards the waterfront for our next example. This apartment is smaller with only 625 square feet of living space but is priced higher at $1250 per month. It is a one bedroom unit with a single bathroom. It is in an older looking building, but the inside of the apartment quickly changes that perception. The hardwood floors and great finished throughout the apartment make it feel like a nice home.

This apartment only boasts one feature that stands out, location. It is within easy walking distance of great food, entertainment, and public transportation.

Down By The Water â?? Letâ??s slide on down near the waterfront to explore our last option. This apartment complex is managed by Windsor and is amazing. You have a view of the bay. The apartments have fantastic finishes. A one bedroom apartment with a single bath is priced around $2300. You might think the price difference is all based on location, but that is not even close to true. The reality is the features make the difference. Here are a few things you get that are not offered in our other two apartments:

â?¢ Fitness Center
â?¢ In-House Theater
â?¢ Balcony
â?¢ Built-in Bookshelves and Computer Desk
â?¢ Walk-in Closets
â?¢ Ceiling Fan in The Bedroom
â?¢ Gourmet Kitchen
â?¢ Granite Countertops
â?¢ Stainless Steel Appliances

When you walk through this unit, you quickly understand why the price is higher and worth it. The good news is, you can find an apartment in Fells Point MD that will meet your budget and give you access to the greatest area in Baltimore.